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About TPG Pritchard Dieseltech

Powered by more than 90 years of experience, Pritchard Dieseltech are the diesel experts to turn to for all of your diesel power needs. As the diesel power specialist for The Pritchard Group, we have the expertise, experience and knowledge to deliver power solutions that you can depend on to keep you going.

Our commitment to providing only the highest quality engines, components and service to our customers has led us to work with only the best brands and suppliers – brands and suppliers we know we can trust based on our own high standards, which exceed industry expectation.

Pritchard Dieseltech recognizes that quality products are only as good as the people that install them. We invest heavily in ongoing training for all of our staff to ensure we can provide the best service possible with the latest information and techniques available. If you demand the best, demand Pritchard Dieseltech.

Professional Associations

Pritchard Dieseltech maintains memberships and alliances with a number of important trade associations and professional organizations including: